Consolely AB

How we work

Work environment policy

We are each other's work environment! The work environment work is a common concern for the company and the employees and must be conducted in collaboration where everyone has a responsibility to participate. 

Environmental policy

By environment is meant the environment in which the organization operates, comprising air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, human beings and the interaction between these (according to ISO 14 001). The business must be characterized by preventive and recurring environmental work, and be seen as an ongoing process of improvement.

Code of Conduct

The conduct policy aims for Consolely AB to be seen as a company that takes its social responsibility very seriously where great focus is on people, relationships and the environment. Furthermore, the company must be seen as a company that stands for integrity, reliability and honesty.

Tax Policy

Consolely wants to be seen as a reliable, long-term and responsible company that takes social responsibility and that always acts in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and that in a transparent way balances the shareholder interest with the public interest.