E4 Förbifart Stockholm is a new section of the E4 west of Stockholm that connects north and south Stockholm and creates opportunities for continued development in a strongly growing region.

Bypass Stockholm is one of the biggest road projects of all time in the Swedish Transport Administration. The trail connects the northern and southern parts of the county, relieves Essingeleden and central Stockholm and reduces sensitivity to disturbances in Stockholm's traffic system. The road goes through tunnels for long stretches to spare important natural and cultural values. Of the road's 21 km, roughly 18 km are tunnelled.

Construction FSE209 includes the construction of main and ramp tunnels with a total length of 12 km. In addition, 1.5 km of escape routes are added. Earth and rock work is a construction contract, while the construction work is a turnkey contract. The construction works include two 100-metre-long concrete tunnels, a fan station with deaeration tower, operating and emergency rooms, ceiling foundations for fans and signs, as well as cladding of the tunnel, which is carried out with a shotcrete roof and prefabricated concrete elements as tunnel walls.

Consolely's mission
Consolely Engineering's assignment consists of, based on the tender documents, producing construction documents and BIM Models for steel constructions, e.g. the stairs made of Duplex and Carbon steel, as well a small footbridge. ThyssenKrupp Materials is our client and manufacturer of all steel structures. There is also an option to install these, which in that case will take place in collaboration between ThyssenKrupp and Consolely.