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Consolely koncernen består av 3 företag. Consolely Holding AB, Consolely AB och Consolely Construction AB

Consolely Holding AB är förvaltaren till både Consolely AB och Consolely Construction AB 

Consolely AB is a consulting company with high competence and long experience in infrastructure

With our broad network and employees with high competence in large projects, we can offer help in production with cutting-edge competence in bridges in steel and concrete as well as tunnels and hydropower plants. Consolely also helps with design with special expertise in reinforcement, concrete and BIM modeling.

We help from start to finish of the project which also includes final documentation. If necessary, we are helpful in building up your quality system according to ISO 9001 adapted to the Swedish market.

Consolely Construction AB jobbar som UE enligt AB04 som bas. Med våran specialkompetens inom betong och stål utför vi komplexa Infrastruktur Projekt.

Our Clients

New Collaboration - Rover Grupo - New Subway

Our customer Rover Grupo has signed a collaboration agreement with Region Stockholm, FUT, where Rover takes care of all construction work for Barkarbystaden station. Consolely supports Rover...
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Länets Företagare 2023

We are happy to share that Consolely AB became "Länets Företag 2023" Sveriges Företag together with the Swedish Companies Inspection examines and titles Sweden's strongest company. Can also...
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E4 Förbifart Stockholm is a new section of the E4 west of Stockholm that connects north and south Stockholm and creates opportunities for continued development in a strongly growing region.

3D modeling of reinforcement in Tekla Structures

Consolely Engineering performs 3D modeling of reinforcement in Tekla Structures for the Västlänken project E05 Korsvägen. We have previously performed reinforcement modeling of a heavily reinforced sub-section as a feasibility check...
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